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Inspect Like A Pro with Lizard Cam
Long, Flexible Camera
Color View Screen
Bright LED Light
Interchangeable Tips
Features & Benefits
  • Long, flexible cable gets in hard-to-reach places
  • Powerful LED light illuminates dark areas
  • Color view screen shows what the camera sees
  • 3 interchangeable tips
  • Waterproof camera and cable for drains & tubs
  • A must-have for any homeowner!
Reaches Deep To See Where You Can’t
Do you struggle and strain to see in tight places — behind the washer or in small spaces? Then you need Lizard Cam™, the amazing new microcamera that goes anywhere you can’t see. It’s so easy. Just turn it on and the color screen displays what the camera sees. Then, feed it wherever you want. With extra-long, flexible reach it easily gets into hard-to-reach places. The powerful LED lights illuminate the darkest areas behind your walls. Add the hook attachment and retrieve fallen jewelry down a sink without ever needing a plumber. Lizard Cam™ is even waterproof, perfect to remove hair and debris from clogged tubs or showers or fix blocked toilets — just like the pros! Add the mirror attachment and discover critter hideouts behind the fridge. Use magnetic power to grab loose nuts and bolts without a hassle. The magic? Our microcamera with serpentine tubing that allows Lizard Cam™ to bend and curve to any space. Now you can search anywhere around the house. Lizard Cam™ can perform hundreds of different jobs, saving you money.
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Lizard Cam


Lizard Cam, Mirror, hook, and magnet tips and storage pouch
2 Pack - Lizard Cams + Handvana HydroClean Sanitizing Gel

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Lizard Cams, Mirror, hook, and magnet tips, storage pouches, and Handvana HydroClean Sanitizing Gel
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Offer Details: Get Lizard Cam™ now delivered to your door for only $39.99 + FREE shipping. But wait — we’ll include the mirror, hook, and magnet tips plus the storage pouch absolutely FREE!. But wait, there’s more! Add a SECOND COMPLETE SET plus a bottle of the best-selling Handvana™ HydroClean™ Hand Sanitizing Gel that kills 99.9% of common germs and softens your hands at the same time. Just pay a separate fee of 2$9.98. This offer isn’t available on Amazon and supplies are limited!

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